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LogAnalysis is the educational application of Archelogos for university teaching. It has been specifically designed and created for university and advanced high-school students (aged between 17-23). It provides an Archelogos-type of Arguments Analysis of Plato's Protagoras, but also much more in the way of philosophical instruction in contemporary and classical philosophy for the student. In order to attract the students' interest and provide the background for the philosophy of Plato, it also contains a substantial cultural archive about the philosophy and the culture of the times in which the dialogue was written.The database is couched in a multimedia environment, involving graphics, sound, and videos of interviews with classical philosophers.

LogAnalysis has, in effect, a fourfold aim:
1.To assist the user in acquiring a good understanding of the philosophical content in a dialogue.
2. To introduce the user to the method and problems of exegesis and philosophical analysis of the dialogue.
3. To eventually enable the user to relate philosophical theses and arguments of the dialogue to classical and contemporary philosophical controversies.
4. To provide the user with an introduction to critical argumentation (teaching the user to construct and identify good arguments)

The philosophical arguments of Plato's Protagoras are classified according to their thematic unity. The user can choose which of three main philosophical themes of the Protagoras he or she wants to explore.

There are two ways in which a user can study the philosophical arguments of each theme:

1. Dialogical Presentation. The user can examine the general argumentative structure of a philosophical theme and find which general philosophical theses the two main interlocutors of the dialogue, Socrates and Protagoras, hold.

2. Exploring the Protagoras. The user can explore the specific arguments of Socrates and Protagoras as presented in the dialogue.

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